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What is S.L.A.S.H. and Why Should I Join?

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  • What is S.L.A.S.H. and Why Should I Join?

    What/Who is SLASH?

    St. Louis Area Saltwater Hobbyists (SLASH) is a social club with members from all walks of life who share a common interest in saltwater/reef tanks. We meet casually about once a month (Pizza Nights) at a local fish store then head to a nearby eatery for some tasty food and beverages. If a member in the area is feeling particularly hospitable, they will then open up their home for a tank viewing and more socializing afterward. Twice a year we host a frag swap that is open to all which draws vendors and attendees from multiple states to buy, sell and trade livestock and dry goods.

    The majority of SLASH communication is done right here on our Reef Central Club Forum so its easily accessible by members and nonmembers alike. Don't be shy, feel free to start a thread and introduce yourself!

    Also, be sure to "like" our Facebook Page and follow us there as well!

    Benefits of Membership:

    Local Fish Store Discounts
    With a current SLASH membership card many of the area’s LFSs will honor a club discount. At the time of posting (subject to change at anytime):

    Aquatic Treasures (Collinsville, IL) – 10% off all livestock purchases
    Gateway Aquatics (St Louis, MO) - 10% off all livestock purchases over $50
    Marine Solutions (St. Charles, MO) – 10% off all purchases
    Saltwater Island (Ballwin, MO) - 10% off all purchases excluding tanks
    Tropical World Pets (Webster Groves, MO) - 10% off all purchases Access
    Though the majority of SLASH's general discussions are done in this forum, all of the club’s "member’s only" programs are managed on our club’s website:

    FYI, If you’re not a current paid member or not logged in to the club website many of site’s forums will appear missing or empty.

    Coral Donor Program (CDP)
    The SLASH Coral Donor Program (CDP) allows members to receive frags from other members for no cost with the condition that they in turn pass along frags to other members once the coral has grown out. The CDP is completely voluntary so this is where it helps to be a little social and make it out to events and get to know a few folks. There are well over a 200 different corals available to SLASH members through the CDP and the list continues to grow.

    The CDP is managed on a members only section of our club website here. The full rules and a more thorough description of the program is available at the top of the CDP forum. If you are interested in learning about the program before you become a member you can reas some of the details over on this ReefCentral thread.

    Helpful Equipment Loan Program (HELP)
    The Helpful Equipment Loan Program (HELP) is designed to help our valued club members by providing access to extremely useful but relatively expensive equipment that is typically not utilized often enough by the average hobbyist to warrant individual purchase. Full rules available on the HELP forum. This program not only allows access to really cool gear but also provides support and training in its use. This program is intended to grow over time, adding additional equipment to the club’s inventory as interest and our budget increases.

    At the time of posting the following equipment is available to SLASH members:

    PAR Meter (for measuring light intensity)
    Diamond Holesaw Set (for drilling holes in glass)
    Dwyer Airflow Meter (for measuring skimmer air pull)
    Wet Band Saw (for cutting stony corals)
    Professional Quality Suction Cup Handles (for moving large tanks)
    Large Fish Trap (self explanatory)
    Phosphate Photometer (for accurately measuring inorganic phosphate)

    Other Members Only Activities:
    We routinely conduct other activities that involve prizes such as raffles, poker runs, and coral growing contests. Some of these activities welcome non-members to participate but typically only supporting SLASH members are allowed to win prizes. We also offer a couple of non publicized benefits to current card holding members..

    How to Become a Member?

    Club dues are $20 a year for single membership and $30 a year for a family membership. New member dues and all renewals may be paid in person at a club event. Come on out and join us sometime, non-members are always welcome to any of our events and there is no commitment to join.

    For those interested in joining SLASH, we have a membership form. If you would like to avoid sitting around filling out the form at an event, you may download the form here and fill it out at home then print it and bring it with you. The form can be opened with Acrobat Reader or any other free .pdf reader.

    For an additional $5 we also have a online membership registration option available utilizing Paypal. Please go to for more info.*

    If you have any questions feel free to post them here or send a private message to Smoothdog or Ebius

    Take Care and Happy Reefing!
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    Tropical World Pets offers 10% as well. Sounds very nice.
    The wind blew, the shiit flew, and then they came two by two.


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      Fixed, thanks Nook.


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        Originally posted by Ebius View Post

        Though the majority of SLASH's general discussions are done in this forum,
        Since when??? I haven't seen too much posting in here. LOL

        Friends don't let friends pay $50 per polyp! Ask me about SLASH's Coral Donor Program.


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          Yeah, missed that one on the copy and past....I'll get it fixed.