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Father's Day Aquarium Gear On Sale Now

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  • Father's Day Aquarium Gear On Sale Now

    15% OFF Storewide
    Fathers Day Sale
    Sit back and relax with a great fathers day weekend sale. Excludes MAP priced manufactures.

    48% OFF
    Euroquatics T5 LED's
    While supplies last, 48% off all remaining inventory.

    35% OFF
    JBJ LED Fixtures
    From 16" to long as 40", you can find just the right lighting needs for your tank.
    Ends Midnight EST 6-30-2017

    Pukani Dry Live Rock - 40lb Box Special
    Save buying a full 40lb box of Pukani Dry Live Rock. This special brings the price down to 3.49 delivered to your door. We have lot of size and shapes available.
    Ends Midnight EST 6-30-2017

    Aside from our amazing Fathers Day Sale, Premium Aquatics has a new nem tank full of different species that we are going to continue to add to. Currently we have Long tentacle purple nems to rock nems and mini maxi's....and of course rose bubble tip anemone’s. Make sure you keep an eye out for new additions!
    Morgan - Premium Aquatics Multi-Media Communications Specialist
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